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             Services to Temp. Personnel


                    temp fillings provides a comprehensive temporary staff service

                         for all types of qualified and experienced dental personnel.


                         We are very mindful of the fact that an agency such as ours is only as

                         good as the temps who choose to work with us.  Consequently we

                         make every effort to ensure that we carefully assess your skills and

                         experience prior to adding you to our database.  This in turn enables

                         you to be placed in the most appropriate situations available so that

                         you find your work both comfortable and satisfying.


                   temp fillings takes care of all payroll and statutory obligations thus ensuring

                        that you are paid promptly and correctly with all your superannuation entitlements

                        and taxation deductions carefully calculated and documented.


                        Temp personnel receive a regular single payment upon receipt of authorized

                        time sheets, regardless of the weeks work pattern.  All payments are electronically

                        transmitted to any account you nominate and confirming remittance slips are

                        mailed (or emailed) to you. ( No rushing to bank cheques and waiting for clearance )

                        And you do not end the tax year with dozens of PAYG tax summaries to chase.


                   temp fillings pty ltd   ( ABN 74 472 943 811 )


                       Level 3  255 Blackburn Road Mount Waverley Vic. 3149  Ph.  03 9886 8300  


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